The Lavender

The Lavender

When researching which lavender varieties to plant the first year on the farm, I settled on three Angustifolia and three Lavandin. Fifty plants in total to test their adaptability to the soil and more specifically, to our harsh winter environment. That first season of fifty was truly a test season for multiple reasons. I had limited funds after going through a layoff during the Covid lockdown; my history with lavender was nothing more than a hands-off deeply admiring lavender farm visitor; and I feared our long, very snowy, sub-zero winters would put my dream quickly to rest.


So, what did I learn that first season?

- When you have a dream, just do the work and believe in the outcome, because worrying about it won’t change anything.

- Snow serves as an excellent insulator.

- Lavender plants are some of the hardiest plants in the world of flora and fauna.

- Too much water will make your lavender plants unhappy. They hate it when their feet (roots) dangle in a pool of water.

- Lavender LOVES poor, well-draining soil.

- Spending time every day in a field full of lavender does wonders for the soul.

When spring finally arrived and my plants began to peek out from under cover of snow, I was ecstatic to find that every last one had survived! With this positive result, I knew it was time to move forward with my dream. I ordered trays of plugs and planted early summer and later into fall, after expanding the planting area below the cabin.


That summer I even had my first tiny harvest from my initial test plants and was so proud of my handful of bundles. 

Since that initial year, I have continued to plant and expand with 23 varieties of Lavandula angustifolia (“English” or “True Lavender”) and Lavandula x intermedia (“Lavandin” or “Hybrid Lavender”).


My plants continue to thrive and I had my largest harvest to date this year. I am so excited to share my handmade products, infused with the essential oil, hydrosol, dried buds and leaves from my naturally grown lavender. It is my hope that each one of my customers will experience the essence of the farm in their own homes, and feel the peace, relaxation, and healing these beautiful flowers can bring.


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