Meet the Farmer

Tracy started Little Bear Lavender Farm in the Spring of 2020 during the beginning stages of the Covid pandemic.

Years prior, she fell in love with the thought of growing lavender during a visit to several lavender farms in Washington State.

Lavender is renowned for its calming effect, healing properties, and beautiful aromatic flowers. Tracy felt growing lavender was the perfect project to focus on during uncertain times. Her vision was to plant a multitude of varieties around the wooded property, and to create a peaceful space to destress and rejuvenate the soul. Once the plants matured, she desired to create a line of lavender products so that others could experience a piece of the lavender farm in their lives and homes. 

In addition to growing lavender, Tracy holds her MFA in photography, her MA in Sports & Fitness Management, and is a published author, artist, and woodworker. She has worn many hats over time including educator, high school and college track & field coach, fitness instructor, outdoor skills survival instructor, workshop presenter, Graduate level course curriculum developer, Recreation Therapist, photojournalist, website designer, IT technician, and Director of International website development. But her favorite hat to wear, is that of lavender farmer. She spends her “free” time hiking and enjoying nature.