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Little Bear Lavender Farm

Bath Salts & Soaks

Bath Salts & Soaks

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Unwind, Relax, and Rejuvenate with the Soothing Essence of Little Bear’s lavender bath salts. In our fast-paced world, finding moments of tranquility and relaxation is essential for our well-being. One way to achieve this blissful state is by indulging in a luxurious bath ritual infused with lavender bath salts.

Lavender, with its timeless appeal and numerous benefits, has long been cherished for its calming and therapeutic properties. Each one of our salts is infused with our lavender essential oil which has been steam distilled from our naturally grown and hand harvested lavender plants, right here on the farm.

Description & Ingredients

Lavender - Calming

A wonderfully calming mixture of Epsom salts, spa salts, pink sea salt and baking soda with our lavender essential oil and fragrance oils. This combination provides the perfect remedy to a stressful day.

Lavender Mint Eucalyptus - Clearing

Refreshing mint eucalyptus fragrance oils are mixed with Little Bear’s lavender essential oil and Epsom salts to bring you a rejuvenating, spa-like experience that can help relax those aching muscles, and clear your sinuses and your mind.

Lavender Citrus - Energizing

The uplifting scent of citrus fragrance oils mixed with our lavender essential oil and added to our Epsom salts and pink Himalayan sea salts, creates an energizing bathing experience for those worn out bodies and minds.

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